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Serves 4


1 cup curd

½ cup besan

½ tsp Haldi

Few curry leaves

Pinch of heeng

½ tsp red chilli powder

4 tbsp oil

1l water

1 cup noodles of choice

1 cup chopped vegetables (beans, cauliflower, carrot)

½ tsp finely chopped garlic

1 onion finely chopped

Mustard seeds for tempering

Salt to taste


  1. In a saucepan, mix together curd, besan, Haldi, half of the red chilli powder, heeng and salt. Whisk together and add around 1 litre of water, and let it boil for 20 mins.

  2. In a separate pan, boil the noodles adding a little oil and salt to the boiling water. Drain noodles when done and let them cool. 

  3. Boil the chopped vegetables and keep them aside. 

  4. In a frying pan, prepare the temper for the kadi by adding curry leaves, mustard seeds, chopped onion and garlic. Once onions are done, add the remaining red chilli powder. Top of the boiled curry with this mixture. 

  5. In a bowl, serve the kadi along with the boiled noodles and vegetables.

Tip: you can also use any leftover Kadi instead of making a new one.